Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast

Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast 1.6

Complete training chores for Kyle Katarn, back in a sensational Jedi yarn
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When shooter games became popular, Lucas Arts released its own shooter game, "Dark Forces", introducing Kyle Katarn, a mercenary with a terrific future. Later came "Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight", where Katarn avenges his father's death. Fearing to be seduced by the Dark Side, he abandoned his connection with the Force and became a mercenary again. Now Kyle Katarn is back with a new adventure that is one of the best in the Star Wars galaxy.

You start working with Jan Ors for the new republic. Then, you receive a transmission from Mon Mothma, who asks you to investigate an apparently deserted Imperial outpost to discover that remnants of the Empire are still there researching light saber crystals. Later you will find a new Dark Jedi who wants to rule the galaxy, so you must travel to Yavin IV and meet Luke Skywalker for Jedi training. Once again, the destiny of the galaxy is in peril - the Dark Jedi Desann and his apprentice Tavion need to be stopped.

This is certainly a typical story – our last hope, someone who happens to be the only person capable of saving the world or the universe from doom. In that sense, we can say that this story is more of the same, but with extra features! When you start thinking that the game has become predictable, it suddenly turns out completely new, showing a great and entertaining plot. The game also contains many puzzles, thus offering you variety and challenge not only for your fingers, but also for your brain.

In 2002 an SDK was released, which included a level editor, a map compiler, a model editor, a shader editor, and a model viewer, featuring endless possibilities for you fun together with the multiplayer modes - such as “free for all”, “death match”, and “capture the flag” – providing you with really cool memories.

The game uses the same engine as "Quake III Arena" from "Id Software". It renders pretty realistic images, but full realism is not always achieved. I do not like some of those corpses flying and moving around for a long time until they fall to the floor - a corpse should fall in the place where he or she was killed or a few inches away. I think it is influenced by too many Hollywood movies, those where someone fires a gun and the victim flies a mile - that is impossible and easy to prove using the third Newton's law. Blaster shots cannot be much different.

If you like Star Wars movies, surely you will like this game. It received good reviews from critics, and it offers an interesting story, a nice game play, and a good level of design. It is one of the best games based on the Star Wars saga, and you can always make a great deal buying Star Wars: The Best of PC, which includes this game and the top game from the saga. Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast was the best Star Wars game until Knights of the Old Republic was released, which is the true best Star Wars game ever, or at least is up there with The Old Republic.

Review summary


  • Great story
  • Good graphics for its time
  • Intense action
  • Open for mods


  • Some movements look not so realistic
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